Dates of exploration: 1610-1611

Sponsor: Muscovy Company

Country of origin: London, England

Goals: Henry Hudson’s main goals were to find the North West Passage, and To look for a  North Western Route to the Orient,

Accomplishments: Henry Hudson sailed farther North then any European before him since the vikings.

Henry Hudson was a cabin boy when he was 16 and he worked his way up to become a captain. Finding the Northwest Passage was a life long obsession for him. In 1607 he got his first chance and was sponsored by the Muscovy Company to find the Northwest Passage to Asia. On Henry Hudson’s first and second voyages he failed to discover the Northwest Passage. In 1609 Henry Hudson set out on his third voyage and was sponsored by the Dutch East Indian Company to find the Northwest Passage to Asia. He was told to sail around the Arctic Ocean North of Russia and into the Pacific Ocean and on but he was not able to because of ice. On his fourth voyage he tried to find the Northwest Passage through North America but he realized it did not lead to the Pacific. After this, Henry Hudson went to New York Harbor and he got as far as Albany then he had to turn back when he realized that this was not the Northwest Passage. There was no Northwest Passage to the pacific until the construction of the Panama Canal in 1903 and 1914. In 1610 Hudson started off on another voyage with the same sponsor and this time founded Iceland and a Northwest Passage through Greenland. Later Hudson founded Hudson Strait, Labrador, Hudson Bay, and the Hudson River. Henry Hudson was mutinied in June of 1611 near the Hudson Bay. His crew wanted to go home but Hudson wanted to keep exploring, so his crew put him into a small boat with some supplies. The small boat kept up with the ship for some time until the ship set its sails and the small boat was never seen again.

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson’s Ship

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Country of origin and sponsor: London England

Two routes of Henry Hudson’s voyages